Syndigital: a new era of news and media syndication
Sat, Oct 29th 2011 4:10 PM
Syndigital: a new era of news and media syndication
Syndigital makes digital syndication very easy!
Syndigital® was developed to help media owners exploit the opportunity for syndicating news content to a wider digital market, reducing in the process the management cost of syndication and generating additional revenues

What is Syndigital?
Syndigital is a Web-based software for digital syndication, developed for many years for the Times of London and other global media. Syndigital enables media owners to easily manage and market their published content for a much wider audience. Thus not only newspapers, but Web and mobile sites, TV, enterprise, government, and even individuals, can be the recipient of syndicated content for republishing or for use in market research.
Syndigital makes syndication very easy by providing the following components, all developed with advanced Web technology:
Subscriber module: Allowing companies and individuals to register over the Internet, and once approved, find content in services, add to own Portfolio and download for use.
Syndication editor module: Allowing editors to easily review content aggregated from various internal sources, edit if necessary, and approve for syndication.
Syndication management module: Allowing managers and marketers to manage subscribers’ accounts, track usage, create new or manage syndication services, all with a click of a button. Marketers can easily create digital newsletters and email for content on offer.
Sophisticated pricing and charging system: Allowing payment by subscription or per use, with different charging for diferent services or items in a service, for example re-publishing or research, or exclusivity.
Technology: Syndigital takes advantage of the Publish live technology to manage and search for millions of rich-media news items aggregated from multiple publishing platforms, using such technology tools as JAVA, XML and GWT, supporting English and Arabic.