This is the year Huawei smartphones break through
Tue, Jan 15th 2013 8:56 PM
This is the year Huawei smartphones break through
Source: CNet

Huawei could not have asked for a better CES.

With best-selling heavyweights like Samsung, HTC, Morotola, and Nokia all but invisible from the show, the usually second-tier Huawei became a top dog when it announced two high-end Android phones -- the Ascend Mate and Ascend D2 -- and its first Windows Phone 8 device.

A relative unknown in the U.S, Huawei vowed two years ago to become a top-five vendor in three years. With one year left for it to achieve its own prophecy, things are finally looking good.

Better phones at last

Back in August, I opined that the first thing Huawei needed most to make it in the U.S. was a dose of better phones.
Huawei's best smartphones never make it here. Instead, the
handset-maker supplies low-end price points with inexpensive devices like U.S. Cellular's Huawei Ascend Y, an attractive but ultimately outdated Android 2.3 handset.

It isn't that Huawei is incapable of producing compelling models. One of my favorite Huawei smartphones last year, the Ascend P1, was a step in the right direction. First released globally last May, the P1 featured a slick design, Android 4.0, an 8-megapixel camera, and a dual-core processor.

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