Would you watch a video to access content?
Wed, Feb 13th 2013 8:23 PM
Would you watch a video to access content?
Source: Paid Content
Online ad provider Selectable Media unveiled a new service Tuesday that lets publishers ask readers to watch a video ad in exchange for getting access to certain types of video game or news content on mobile devices. The service, which Selectable says is the first of its kind for mobile, has been in beta for a while but is now open to everyone.

The offering, which comes at a time when paywalls are finally getting more traction, shows how publishers are also persuading visitors to pay not just with money but with their time.

As my colleague Mathew Ingram explained yesterday, we’re seeing growth in so-called “survey walls” in which websites ask visitors to fill out a survey before seeing a piece of content. The option is a good way to earn revenue from the large number of people who can’t or won’t pay for content. It also presents an attractive option for mobile platforms where more and more people are consuming content.

Selectable Media, for instance, works with both advertisers and publishers to drop a selection of short video ads in front of a story, game or video. The idea is that you have to have to watch the ad till the end before you get to see what you want; viewers get to choose which ad they want to see. While this resembles what happens when a user sees a pre-roll video on YouTube, the difference is that Selectable can plunk the clips into non-video fare like games or text articles. It also offers several different ads at once, in the hopes of increasing user engagement in the ad.

On mobile devices, it looks like this:

Read more: http://tiny.cc/1k4fsw
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